• Our VALUES define our identity, who we are. And our identity is defined by our actions, what we do. Therefore, we value our values, trying to express them through all our actions.


  • For us, TRADITION is not the past. It is the present. It is not a collection of static symbols. It is something living, IN MOTION. It is not something that we inherit. It is something that we transmit. To the generations to come. To the future. By fulfilling this value that is very important to us, for four generations we find inspiration in Greek tradition in order to create products that respect, develop and highlight it.
  • For us, QUALITY is not a goal by itself. It is a means to build relationships of trust that last in time. Strong relationships with our people, our customers, our partners, our local community. For us, quality is something integral, a non-negotiable and unchangeable value. It is the reason of our existence. Without it, we would be a different company.
  • INNOVATION is about being bold. We took a bold decision to invest in a traditional Greek product, the liqueur, at a time when it was underrated. Innovation also means being at the forefront. Having a selection of three different and unique products in our portfolio, we have a competitive advantage, while being proud to produce our liqueurs in the same way as in the old days.
  • For us DIRECTNESS is cordiality. It is intimacy. Sincerity. Authenticity. We are what we do, not what we say we do.


For us, wine is not a one-dimensional product, It is not, simply, a product. For us wine is something multifaceted, linked to our culture, to people, to life itself. Linked to our culture because its production is directly related to the history and the tradition of each place. Linked to people, because it comes from them and is produced for them.
Producers, based on their standpoint, knowledge and experience, define the purpose for which and the way by which wine is made, while consumers taste the fruit of this endeavor, gradually building a bilateral relationship, a relationship of mutual interaction. For us wine is linked to life itself, it gives value to life’s various moments, it brings us closer and helps us share thoughts and emotions
  • 1
    KECHRIBARI retsina was born in our family restaurant, Kokoras, somewhere in the old town of Thessaloniki. Thanks to the quality of the product, its reputation spread rapidly and demand increased at a fast rate.


  • 2
    The four siblings founded E. KECHRIS BROS, the original liquor company, in Kalochori, Thessaloniki. In the modern and state-of-the-art facilities of the first family winery, we continued to produce KECHRIBARI, and also the popular—at the time—Konaki, as well as ouzo, brandy and a variety of fruit liqueurs.
  • 3
    We began to EXPORT our products to Germany.
  • 4
    STELIOS KECHRIS took over the management of the family winery, and in the same year created the Doriki home-made liqueurs, which won a gold medal two years later at SIAL, one of the world’s largest food and beverage exhibitions.
  • 5
    Together with another twelve winemakers from the Macedonia region, KECHRIS Winery participated in the founding of the WINE PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF THE MACEDONIAN VINEYARD, known today as the Wine Roads of Northern Greece, a pioneering association aiming to promote its members' standardised Greek wine brands.
  • 6
    KECHRIBARI was bottled in the popular green carafe with the cork closure, which was designed based on our previous bottle. This milestone is linked to the official entrance of ELENI KECHRI to the company, and the establishment of the company's commercial department.
  • 7
    For the first time at the Thessaloniki International Wine Competition a MEDAL was awarded to a retsina. KECHRIBARI became the first retsina to gain international recognition as a modern, high quality white wine.
  • 8
    ELENI KECHRI, having completed her studies in Bordeaux, returning to apply new innovative ideas to winemaking.
  • 9
    The year in which the TEAR OF THE PINE was first launched onto the market. This innovative retsina, which has come to be recognised as a world-class wine, won the Grand Gold Medal at the Thessaloniki International Wine Competition.
  • 10
    The construction of our new winery was completed, while in the same year the TEAR OF THE PINE won TWO GOLD MEDALS at the Decanter World Wine Awards and International Wine Challenge.
  • 11
    The TEAR OF THE PINE celebrated its 10th ANNIVERSARY with an impressive vertical tasting of all the harvests of the first retsina with an ageing potential. This is also the year in which the company and its products were rebranded. The family of retsina has a new member. Shortly before the end of the year, AFROS, our new pet-nat retsina, is making its first appearance in experimental bottling.
  • 12
    Construction work was completed on the NEW BUILDING that is to house the cooling room, which is necessary in order to optimise the white variety vinification protocol, the new grape delivery area, the microvinification room and the new bottling area.


Hover over for detailed explanation of our new branding.
Our name is the name of a visionary. The name of an authentic man. The man who is determined to continue the family tradition, which goes back to the early part of the previous century. Stelios Kechris. His name is found hidden in KECHRIBARI, the authentic retsina that has become the trademark of our winery. Above all, KECHRIS means authenticity and quality.
Printers love using fonts with serifs because "they are good for the eyes", and in our case the aim was—through a classic and classy serif font—to combine our timeless value (directness expressed through serifs like brush strokes and personality reflected in the different thickness of each character) with our effort to defeat time by setting tradition into motion, balancing between the genuineness of that which is authentic and the dynamics of innovation.
In the 1990s, when in search of a package that would highlight the authenticity and modern yet traditional character of KECHRIBARI, we decided to create the, now popular, green carafe, which was designed based on our previous bottle. It was the first retsina with a cork closure. Our carafe was loved for its appearance and, mainly, for its content. Due to its content, our carafe became a symbol. A symbol of quality. Today, this symbol is our trademark. A trademark that is so much our own, and as unique as our KECHRIBARI.
The shape of our trademark reflects our constancy and timelessness, while our carafe is designed in such a way that it gives a sense of motion, while at the same time expressing our basic value and company message.