2018: A year of challenges, but with a good ending
October 1, 2018

2018: A year of challenges, but with a good ending

In the KECHRIS vineyards in Goumenissa, the mild winter conditions in combination with the unusually high temperatures in April favored a very fast development of the vines. However, in May, June and July the weather was particularly unstable, with frequent storms, wide temperature variations and strong south winds.
Improved weather conditions after the second half of August helped the ripening of the grapes that was completed up to 7 days earlier compared to 2017. Luck of rainfall and favorable temperatures in September led to a smooth harvest, and an ideal closure for this year’s vintage.

The difficult weather conditions that prevailed during the first summer months caused increased stress from diseases to the vines. In this context the right interventions from the scientific team of KECHRIS winery succeeded to protect the health of our grapes, which yielded the high quality results that we always aim for.