• 1
    RETSINA is not a wine.

    Retsina is the traditional wine of Greece and, like all wines, is a product of fermentation of the must from grapes.


  • 2
    Retsina is produced from resin

    The difference between retsina and other wines is that natural pine resin is added during the fermentation of the must. Once the fermentation process has been completed, the resin is removed. This brief contact between the must and the resin, under controlled conditions, gives the wine its characteristic aroma.


  • 3
    Retsina is a low-quality wine

    As with all wines, the quality of retsina depends on the quality of the raw materials and the vinification techniques. In other words, the quality of retsina is purely a matter of choice of the wine maker. In fact, the selection of resin with the right quality, as well as the achievement of a balance between the aromas of the resin and the grape are all factors that increase the difficulty of vinification. Quality retsina is a type of wine that requires special skills on the part of the wine maker.


  • 4
    Retsina contains chemical flavouring

    The distinctive aroma of retsina results from the combination of grape aroma with that of natural resin coming from the Pinus Halepensis pine, as well as the vinification process.
  • 5
    Retsina is only white

    According to legislation, in addition to white wine, retsina can also be rosé. In fact, our winery produces the only rosé retsina from 100% Xinomavro.
  • 6
    Retsina cannot undergo ageing

    Retsina is a wine that usually aims to offer pleasure in the first year from its production. However, depending on the variety that is to be selected and the vinification method, retsina can last through time, like all top-quality white wines. For example, the TEAR OF THE PINE, the only retsina made from Assyrtiko, which is aged in a barrel, can undergo ageing for up to a decade.
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    Retsina can be produced in any place in the world

    Retsina is a type of wine produced exclusively in Greece, and as such a unique product, it is protected under European law as a "Traditional Appellation" wine.
  • 8
    Retsina can only be accompanied by Greek cuisine

    Quality retsina combines the fruity aromas of grapes with the freshness of resin and its cool acidity. It is therefore a food wine that is an ideal accompaniment to, not only all traditional Greek dishes, but also to olive-oil-based foods from the entire Mediterranean region, while in combination with dishes from the Far East, like sushi and curry, it creates unforeseen combinations of high quality.
  • 9
    Retsina is only consumed in Greece

    Retsina continues to be the most popular type of Greek wine abroad. As regards our winery in particular, 30% of our overall retsina production is exported to more than 20 countries around the globe.
  • 10
    Retsina is an obsolete wine

    Retsina is a traditional Greek product whose history goes back thousands of years. When produced based on modern vinification methods, it can reach high quality levels so as to fully meet the demands of the modern-day consumer. KECHRIBARI and TEAR OF THE PINE, in particular, have already won dozens of awards for this quality at the most prestigious wine competitions held abroad.